The Con
Mary-Anne Trixie
    Height: 183 cm
    Weight: 70 kg
    Blood type: O-
    Birthday: July 12th, 36 years old
    He is unpredictable and, some would say, crazy, but those who know him see past that; they know he is absolutely insane. He is maniacal, egotistical, psychotic, protective, proud, spontaneous and aggressive. However, he is not a monster. He reviews the situation, decides what he wants, and obtains it by any means necessary. And there are many means at his disposal. Mary-Anne is his one soft spot.
    Height: 188 cm
    Weight: 84 kg
    Blood type: AB-
    Birthday: December 30th, 34 years old
    A well-educated man of sweet words and sweeter deals, he'll steal your every possession with little more than personality and persuasion as his tools. With a smile and a handshake he has duped even the most penny-pinching purveyors into poorness. His only values are to take your valuables.
    Height: 156 cm
    Weight: 46 kg
    Blood type: O+
    Birthday: November 13th, 31 years old
    Bubbly and cute. Mary is Deadpan's loving wife. She was with him when he was still Jeff and, after the accident, her love for him kept her with him, causing her to go crazy along with him. She will do anything for her “Panpan.” She also has a penchant for magic tricks... and explosives.
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 54 kg
    Blood type: A+
    Birthday: September 19th, 28 years old
    Incredibly intelligent, paranoid, and quick on her feet. Everything is a part of a New World Order conspiracy, and she can prove it. Trained by her detective father to be overly observant, she sees things that most don't. She is The Con's counterpart, and feels that being with the bad-guys is the one way she can escape the control of the NWO.